International Organisations

IFPI – International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. www.ifpi.org

IMMF – International Music Managers Forum. www.immf.net

Impala – Independent Music Companies Association. www.impalasite.org

Digital Music Stores

Carrefour España

DJ Download

FNAC France

HMV Digital UK

iTunes UK

MTV Digital Downloads UK


Napster UK

Sony Connect Europe

Wippit UK

Music Reference

All Music Guide

Pollstar for the lates on who’s on tour

Other Sites Worth a Look

BASSISTWANTED has great music related cartoons

Snowy White Fan Club is the place to know what this exceptional English guitarist is up to

Juan van Emmerloot‘s Drumming Secrets is a must see. Great drummer and producer from Holand

PP Arnold always gives me the shivers when she sings. Remember her “Angel of the Morning”?

Felicia Carter for all you Jazz lovers, one of the most interesting voices and talent around

Ian Ritchie, visit his blog for a daily account of what it’s like on the road with Roger Waters. Ian is a fantastic saxophonist and producer


One comment

  1. Hi, I write a blog that reviews music album art, http://www.sqwink.com/news . I was wondering if you waould like to exchange links. I can put you on my blogroll on my sidebar. Email me if you’re interested, if not, I appologize for wasting your time,
    Kind Regards, Andrew

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