Radiohead Slam New Owners Of EMI Records

December 24, 2007


Radiohead have said that the new owners of EMI Records – private Terra Firma – “don’t fully understand” the music industry.

Speaking about the reasons for their departure from the label’s offshoot Parlophone, which came during Terra Firma’s takeover talks earlier this year, guitarist Ed O’Brien said they were glad to leave the label.

“We’ll miss the people we work with, all the people at [EMI subsidiary] Parlophone. The rest of the stuff about maybe not understanding the music industry? Terra Firma don’t fully understand.”

“Because one of the great things about the music industry is that it’s not an industry. It’s a collective of a series of relationships with people.”

Frontman Thom Yorke added that ultimately Terra Firma weren’t able to give the band the artistic freedom that they wanted.

“They didn’t seem very interested and neither did we,” he told the BBC.

“They [EMI] had us on a very, very long leash, for a very long time and that was because they had a series of artist that they allowed to do that like the [Pink] Floyd and Queen and everybody, and its really worked.

“And now when you’re in a situation with private equity firms, it [Terra Firma] looks at music as something to buy and then sell on.”

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  1. That’s just a lot of BS. Seems like EMI is gettin a line of s(()T. Just rumor, but EMI is offering an unknown, but known American indie band called X-X 96,000 (American dollars). Friggin ridiculous, but I imagine a band like them (they seem halfway decent) wouldn’t screw with EMI. I think that’s the direction they need to take (EMI). Seems you get these arses who think they need more out of life, and there’s those who are more deserving. EMI has been around for decades. Hope they take that kind of direction with more indie bands. Maybe they won’t get screwed over as much.

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  3. wow cool stuff bro.

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