Spice Girls have ‘backstage bust-up’

December 21, 2007


The Spice Girls’ UK comeback was marred by tension between the singers on their big night, according to a report.

The atmosphere backstage at London’s O2 Arena reportedly turned sour on Saturday night when Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton complained that Victoria Beckham was receiving special treatment.

A report in the Daily Mail claims that Posh’s microphone was turned down lower than her fellow group members’, while there was also resentment about her being given the highest heels to wear. The article also suggests that Beckham annoyed the rest of the girls by refusing to put up the hood on one of her costumes – because she did not want her hair to get messy.

“All of these silly petty things just got on the nerves of the other girls,” a source told the newspaper. “And to top it off when Victoria kept getting the loudest applause and cheers, it really grated on the others.

“The fact Posh probably had the least to do but was getting the best reception was a bit disheartening. It all blew up backstage afterwards and there were some very stern words and evil looks exchanged.”

However, a spokesman for the group denied the rumours, insisting: “All of the others were thrilled by the response Victoria got from the crowd.”

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  1. im glad that they are back

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