Wallpaper – Madonna

August 16, 2007




  1. Dream Girl !!!!

  2. Ageless Madonna still rocks!

  3. I:how long is a million yers god?
    GOD: its a minute for me.
    I:how much is a billion dollar?
    GOD:is a penny for me!
    I:give me a penny!
    GOD:wait a minute!

  4. Prosto obozavam i volim ovaj sajt.Veliki,ogroman pozdrav iz Srbije i Vojvodine.From Serbia.

  5. very nice ,I love her. she is one of the best

  6. this makes a breathtaking desktop!!

  7. She is the queen of pop loved her from the start and always will. Shes not just a amazing singer shes a good actress dancer and shes good looking shes got the full package.


  9. Wow You look beuatiful 🙂

  10. bu resim gerçekten çok güzel madonna harikasın

  11. C’mon girls , do you believe in love?
    cos i got sumfin 2 say about it
    AND it goes like this============>>>>>
    hey ,, Madonna, i love you,
    & you look AmaZing,,,
    will Always be your no.1 fan… lol XXX

  12. MMmMmMM madonna is so sexxxxyyyyyy<3

  13. duuuude.

  14. She’s fucking sexy 🙂

  15. I wish I fuck her

  16. j’aime tro madonna c la méilleur rien a dir !!!!:)

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