Weblog starts anti-DRM T-shirt contest

June 8, 2007

TorrentFreak, a blog dedicated to filesharing protocols, has just started a new T-Shirt contest – but a very peculiar one indeed.

Openly standing against Digital Right Management (DRM), the weblog has decided to take actions further by creating a contest on campaign slogans against this kind of music protection.

They received the desings which had to carry a slogan speaking up against the DRM protection major record companies use in their attempt to stop people sharing music on the internet. And now, the T-shirts’ designs are available for voting by the general public throughout this week.

You can still go to the TorrentFreak site and vote. The winners will be announced this weekend.

The site also states that “If you can’t wait, feel free to copy these images, and print your own T-shirt!” That’s what sharing is all about, hei? 😉


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