LALA.COM Reinvents Digital Music on the Web

June 6, 2007


LALA.COM today announced a new web-based service that enables users to store their iTunes music library online for free at LALA.COM. With LALA.COM, users can play music from anywhere, share it with anyone, and purchase music for their iPod digital devices for the first time from a user-friendly, Web-based interface.

“Before today music was ripped and trapped on PCs and Macs with desktop applications like iTunes. The iPod is the greatest portable music device ever invented, and as avid iPod fans we wanted to create a service that blends the convenience of the Web with the portability and functionality of a truly universal platform,” said Bill Nguyen, a founder of LALA.COM. “Lala unleashes the Web’s power for playing music and safely sharing songs without the threat of PC viruses, spyware and other risks that are present on illegal P2P sites.”

A beta version of LALA.COM is available immediately for hosting, playing or discovering music. LALA has reached an agreement in principal with Warner Music Group (WMG) to make WMG’s content available on the site.

LALA.COM will allow music fans to host an iTunes or any other digital library, have them universally accessible from any PC or Mac with an Internet connection and share a personal library with friends or stream others’ playlists.

It will also allow to fill an iPod from the Web – a technological first in turning the iPod into a connected, online device with loading from any Internet-connected computer.  There will also be a service for “try before you buy”, where customers can listen to full albums without limitations and purchase music in either digital format for iPods or physical CD, which can be previously reserved for a small convenience fee starting at $2.99.

The original Napster ignited the digital revolution. The iPod enabled digital music to fit in our pockets. With LALA.COM, the Web emerges as the pioneering 3rd revolution, liberating music the way it freed email by liberating it from desktop software and enabling billions to access their messages from any computer. Now online music can be safe from viruses and more conveniently enjoyed from anywhere, whether at home or work.

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