Personal radio stations in every room of the house

May 23, 2007


Sonos, Inc., the leading developer of wireless multi-room music systems for the digital home, has announced a new release of Sonos System Software v2.2 that will bring Pandora to the award-winning Sonos Digital Music System. Pandora, the developer of the ground-breaking personalized radio service, and Sonos have collaborated to provide music lovers with an exciting new way to discover music from the palm of their hand, and enjoy that music all over the house. The free software upgrade is available to all registered Sonos customers via Sonos’ wireless handheld Controller.

With Pandora and the wireless Sonos Controller in hand, users can create and play up to 100 radio stations based on their favorite songs or artists. Using Pandora’s Music Genome Project, Pandora’s highly-trained musicians analyze songs, one at a time, using close to 400 musical traits including melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics, and more to automatically build a station with songs that share interesting musical similarities. Users can take hold of the Controller and rate the music they hear to further refine the station’s playlist on the fly.

The Sonos Digital Music System allows music lovers to create and play Pandora radio stations all over the home without ever installing an application or turning on a computer. It is possible to play the same Pandora radio station in each room, perfectly synchronized; or, play different stations in different rooms to fit the mood. In fact, Sonos can simultaneously stream 32 different Pandora radio stations to 32 different rooms.

“Pandora has melded the human judgment of music experts with the best of computer science to create a new, breakthrough experience in radio,” said John MacFarlane, CEO of Sonos. “Combined with Sonos, Pandora gives you the feeling that there is someone magically guiding your music listening throughout your home.”

“Our mission is to work with exceptional companies like Sonos to expand the reach of Pandora and our Music Genome Project,” said Tim Westergren, Founder of Pandora. “With Sonos, we continue to unite the Pandora experience with groundbreaking devices that truly reinvent the way music lovers interact with music in the home. This partnership illustrates what radio looks like in a connected world — anytime, anywhere.”


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