Barbie gets digital music player

May 1, 2007


Mattel Inc., the world’s largest toymaker, will introduce a Barbie digital-music player and Web site to try to boost sales of the iconic fashion doll.

The BarbieGirls.com Web site, which will be accessible this week, will allow users to create a virtual character, shop with imaginary money and chat with other members, the California-based Mattel  reported. Barbie Girls, a digital-music player in a variety colors with attachable clothing and accessories, will sell for $59.99 starting in July.

Mixing the 48-year-old Barbie doll with an updated Web site and a digital-music player may help Mattel attract children increasingly drawn to electronic gadgets. Worldwide Barbie sales have gained in the past three quarters after slumping for three years on competition from MGA Entertainment Inc.’s Bratz dolls.

The Barbie Girl MP3 player, about 4.5 inches in length, may be hooked up to a computer and will be able to access more games, pets and fashions on the BarbieGirls.com Web site.



  1. i really like the doll but i want to know where to get it from

  2. Dress up BARBIE and play collection of flash games featuring Barbie doll and her friends. Makeover games for little girls with clothes and shoes for online dolls.

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