Wallpaper – Rihanna

March 31, 2007




  1. pretty

  2. Rihanana
    you are soooooooooooo great
    you are the meaning of the beauty (girl)
    we love here in the bahrain
    you are wawwww

  3. u look so nice

  4. here in rockhampton we luv u the girls in my dorm talk about u all the time gtg
    luv tash

  5. we luv you sorry if im bugging you all my friends dared me to wright his
    luv tash

  6. rihanna, rihanna, rihanna es lo maximo me encanta su vos su cuerpo todo es lo maximo ojala biniera a cantar a colombia algun dia niuno de esos cantantes han benido a colombia si fuera por my trajeria a RIHANNA, BEYONCE, P. DADDY, R.KELLY, KELLY ROWLAND, LIL BOW WOW, LIL ROMEO, LIL KIM, JAY-Z, MASTER P. , WHITNEY HOUSTON, CELIN DION, ENYA, NE-YO, MARIO, LIL WAYNE, ASHANTI, JA RULE. Y SI ESTUVIERAN VIVOS LOS SIGUIENTES: AALIYAH, LEFT EYE, 2PAC, BIG NOTURIOUS. RIHANNA ESTA MAMASITA. I’ LOVE YOU.

  7. Your Hot , Im 19 but not famous 😉 favorite song “Umbrella” elaelaelaela haha peace!

  8. Rihanna you are the Bist i never see like you. Your make Difference in music by your noise.

  9. i am ahmad fawad
    i love miss

  10. Rihana you are the best I love you qao

  11. i like you

  12. es tan bella esa mujer *


  14. loves her so much…!

  15. Hola rihanna
    te quiero decir que eres la mejor cantante del mundo y con todo el respeto que te mereces la mas bella y hermoza…
    te deseo mucha fama…
    te lo dice tu fan numero 1
    te amo te quiero y te adoro…

  16. love her so much

  17. rihanna sexy

  18. hi rihanna I hope you have a great time with you &chris brown.
    I love your song & style.
    LOVE your clothes & your hair style




  20. i love rihanna i am a big fan she is nise and very beatyful women

  21. Eu sou do Brazil!
    E quero dizer que voce é incrivel, linda a cantora perfeita sou muito seu fã! Quem que voce poderia vir fazer shows aqui voce e muita querida!

    I love you!

    • I love Brazilians…. mwa* keep the spirit bro….

  22. damn… ur beautiful girl.

  23. you looc cool

  24. o my good i perhaps a one day you come to me and i see you its my dream

  25. i perhaps a one day you come to me and speak to me stay with me ita my dream rihanna plase thing about OK

  26. rihanna you are the best in the world.I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))))))));)))))))))))))

  27. i’m a big fan of Rihanna because she gives in the music world and she is so lovely on her outlook and i like seeing young people performing well and doing some great work in their world. keep it on, my most beautiful lady. I luv you

  28. rihanna du bist einfach die coolste der ganzen welt du bist mein vorbild ich liebe dich einfach du sihst gut aus,du bist cool,du bist immer und immer wieder hübsch,du kannst gut singen und du kannst alle männa immer wieder verfüren.

  29. Rihanna u r my idol.

  30. rihanna i love you i will like to be ur fr pls reply me

  31. I love you very much rihanna, you are in my heart

  32. I love you Rihanna you are so beautiful you dont need Chris Brown you dont need him I love you with all my heart

  33. this pic is popping girl you look good and your music is the boom # 1 fan!!!!!!!!!

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