Hyatt hotels and resorts offer digital music

March 27, 2007


Hyatt Hotels & Resorts announced yesterday its new digital download music pilot program, in partnership with leading digital music agency Audiosuite, at and Spa at Gainey Ranch and Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa located between Austin and Bastrop, Texas. Individual properties will offer unique, destination-specific music collections, making Hyatt’s program truly a first in the industry. Each property’s signature collections will be available online for users to download in a universally compatible MP3 format – the most widely utilized digital music format – so guests can bring their Hyatt experience home. Hyatt plans to roll out the new digital download program to its properties across North America and the Caribbean throughout 2007.

Both Hyatt’s Scottsdale and Lost Pines resorts now feature music on property that celebrates the respective destination as well as showcases international and local artists. The tone, style and pace of the music adjusts throughout each day to capture the essence of the environment and guest experience, such as the tranquility of a relaxing morning massage at Scottsdale’s Spa Avania or the energy and vitality of an evening at Lost Pine’s Shellers Barrelhouse Bar.

“Music evokes different emotions in different people at different times – music can make you feel good, motivate you, help you relax – in short, we want Hyatt’s music to be very purposefully woven into the overall guest experience,” said Mark Barrott, founder of Music Styling and one of Hyatt’s music stylists. “While many hotels feature music in public spaces, Hyatt sought to design collections that truly bring out the indigenous personality of each property and, in conjunction with our partners Audiosuite, make these collections available for guests to enjoy even when their Hyatt stay is over.”

Playlists at both Hyatt properties were cultivated from a vast catalog of the world’s most unique and talented artists, and were assembled by local property representatives and music experts as well as a team of internationally-based stylists from Music Styling headed by Mark Barrott. Originally starting out as a performer and DJ, Barrott has completed five albums, provided music for the MTV Video Music Awards, the VH1 Worldwide Fashion Awards, composed music for many films and leading brand advertisements, as well as remixing famous artists like Tom Jones.

Hyatt music collection gift cards can be purchased on property or at the property Web site www.scottsdale.hyatt.com and www.lostpines.hyatt.com. Additionally, any Web site visitor can listen to the tracks, purchase full collections via credit card, or purchase gift certificates for the collections. Tracks are not sold individually. The MP3 format allows consumers to play the tracks on any device, burn CDs and make as many copies as they like for personal use.

From: Hyatt (Press Release)


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