Musicload joins anti-DRM battle

March 21, 2007


Musicload, one of the largest music stores in Germany, is the latest to come out against Digital Rights Management (DRM), claiming DRM systems”make it hard for consumers to use music and prevent the market for legal downloads from becoming a mass market.”

The statments against DRM were made in their latest newsletter “forward”, where Musicload confesses having constant problems with DRM, so many that 75% of its customer service calls were the result of some sort of DRM-related problem, adding that DRM is unfair to the customers and also prevents competition between rival music services.

The newsletter says experts agree that the music industry will only be able to reach its goal of selling around 25 percent of its music via the Internet by 2010 if open standards are used.

In December, Musicload, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom, began to allow independent music labels to sell their music on the service without DRM and Musicload has reported that artists that chose to drop DRM saw a 40 percent increase in sales since that time, and that more artists and labels are showing interest.

Musicload hopes to see DRM-free MP3’s make a comeback in the near future but major labels have dropped little hint that that is a reality.


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