Cebit 2007 looks into the future

March 20, 2007


Cebit, the world’s largest hi-tech fair, has opened its doors in Hanover for a look at the latest technologies for homes and businesses.

There are more than 6,000 exhibitors registered and about 500,000 visitors are expected to pass through the doors.

Third generation mobiles, the digital home and broadband are key themes at the show.

But Cebit is also the right place to look if you want a peek into the future. Japanese hi-tech company NEC did just that, using Cebit to show off some conceptual ideas for what products of the future might look like.

sala_nec.jpgUnder the umbrella term of Resonantware the products aim to investigate how technology might evolve.

NEC showed an idea it called Sala that integrates a radio tag into an item of jewellery, such as a wedding ring – associated with an important event.

When the ring, earring or brooch is placed near a display device that can read the tag it calls up the images, movies or sounds the owner has associated with it.

It also showed off a concept see-through mobile phone called Flask which is powered by a fuel cell. Like many disposable cigarette lighters, the transparent sides of the phone let users see when they need a refill.

Source: BBC News


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