Electronic Arts opens digital music store

March 5, 2007


After years of highlighting new bands through its many videogames, the world’s largest game publisher is getting into the digital music game.

In a first for the videogame industry, Electronic Arts has opened a digital music store called EA Trax on its Web site, selling licensed and original music found on its videogame soundtracks.

The move highlights the increasing role the videogame industry is taking in the field of digital music. For years, the music industry has worked closely with videogame publishers to promote new acts and releases through their soundtracks, particularly in genres that don’t get much radio airtime and that also appeal to the core gamer demographic of 18- to 35-year-old males.

Of late, however, many videogames have featured original music that is not released on CDs or other outlets. But EA worldwide executive of music and marketing Steve Schnur said the site’s 6 million page views per month should enable the company to close the gap between music discovery and music acquisition in videogames.

“There was always that remaining frustration,” he said, about hearing a song on a videogame soundtrack that is otherwise unavailable on the radio or online. “This is the beginning of closing that link.”

in : Reuters


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