Music Industry Remains Divided Over DRM

March 1, 2007


The music industry has shaken the debates of DRM and the challenges of digital music in the overall business around the world during this last couple of days in the annual Digital Music Forum East Conference. The event was organized by Digital Media Wire at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City, and is the industry’s only comprehensive digital music conference focused on the evolution and future of the digital music marketplace. The 77 speakers and over 400 attendees have debated the future of digital music where subjects like DRM and the mobile entertainment revolution were not forgotten.

Day one, February 27, oppened with”The State of the Digital Union” early in the afternoon, with a panel of industry experts who discussed the future of Digital Rights Management (DRM). The debate covered a lot of the usual ground (“is DRM ncessessary;” “are labels bullies?;” “why aren’t users adopting digital music subscriptions?;” and so on) leaving many questions and very few answers and solutions.

A panel on mobile music, later on Tuesday afternoon, gave a glimmer of hope to an industry battered by illegal downloading. While the largest portion of music revenues still come from CDs sales, which are badly slumping, digital sales are picking up in the US, though still far from the boom in places like Japan and Korea. The momentum is in full-song download sales for cell phones, according to Rio Caraeff, General Manager, Universal Music Mobile, N.A, even if for the moment most of the mobile music business is still based on the sale of ringtones.



One comment

  1. Hey Cyberextazy

    Thanks for the recap of the Digital Music Forum….it seems not too many in this industry can agree what to do about DRM. I see a lot of “suits” up there in the picture, and not one musician. I’d like to hear more from them on the issue.

    One musician-opinion I’ve heard provided an interesting take on DRM, by a composer/blogger — called “The “Other” Digital Rights Management”. But other than that, I just hear businessmen.

    – Becca

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