Digital Music Group signs deal with YouTube

February 14, 2007


YouTube, the popular online video sharing site owned by Google Inc., has signed a deal with Digital Music Group Inc. to offer such 1960s U.S. television programs as “I Spy” and “My Favorite Martian”.

Digital Music, who has already signed a number o deals earlier this month, said on Monday the deal also includes an agreement to allow certain music, for which it controls the rights, to be used in users’ videos uploaded to YouTube.

Digital Music owns publishing or distribution rights to over 40,000 music recordings and over 4,000 hours of video content including television shows and films. The two-year-old company has online partnerships with Apple Inc.’s iTunes Music Store, Napster Inc. and Wal-Mart.

YouTube has been under pressure recently from content owners such as Viacom Inc., which last week asked it to pull down over 100,000 of Viacom’s videos illegally posted by users.

But YouTube has also signed deals with music companies including Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony BMG Music Entertainment that will allow consumers to use some of their music in the creation of videos.


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