Amazon to Sell DRM-Free MP3s?

December 26, 2006


Amazon looks set to plough into the digital music market next year.

Right now this is just conjecture but rumor has it the retailer started romancing music labels last week to enter the music download market at the end of the first quarter of 2007. The big news, however, is that it seems interested in selling mp3s without any DRM attached.

As the first major download store launch since Microsoft made it clear with ZUNE that it was not supporting it’s own PlayForSure DRM, perhaps Amazon was left with no choice. Yahoo! Music, Napster, URGE and others based on PlayForSure are starting to look like forgotten step-children. Only eMusic has gained real momentum against the iTunes juggarnaut and eMusic sells mp3s.By embracing mp3s, Amazon completely avoids all player compatibility issues by selling in the only format that plays on all devices including the ubiquitous iPod.

Amazon is already the internet’s number one destination for physical music sales and has now available a service of free mp3 downloads. We’ll just have to wait for further developments to know if this speculation will become official.


One comment

  1. […] this rumour has been going on for some time, sources recently pointed to a May launch, one that may include a test from Universal Music Group, […]

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