Online music sales rise in the UK

November 9, 2006


Nielsen/NetRatings, the leading provider of Internet research, today reveals the type of audio and video content Britons online are consuming and how much they’re paying to do so.

The average Briton online currently spends £3 a month (£36 per year) on streaming / downloading audio and video content from the Internet. Whilst most of this spend (57%) is still devoted to audio content, video content already accounts for 43%. Men spend 40% more than women but it’s the young Brits who spend the most (£64 per year).

Alex Burmaster, European Internet Analyst, comments, “Three pounds per month might not seem much, after all it’s the equivalent of a DVD rental, a magazine, a pint of beer or almost four songs from iTunes. However, if you consider that there are around 26 million Britons online each month that’s a very healthy revenue source for websites producing audio and video content”.

He considers that this “represents an encouraging shift in the willingness of consumers to pay for online content that has mainly been available for free in the past. It took a while for consumers to come round to the idea of paying for audio content online”.

By now, around three-quarters of Britons online have listened to music via the Internet and over half have streamed music audio while over a third have already downloaded music.


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