Is that an illegal file in your drive?

October 20, 2006


The IFPI has announced a new wave of international law suits against file sharers. In press release the organization that represents a great number of major and independent labels warns against the negative effect piracy and illegal file sharing is having on the industry and pledges to fight for the artists rights in a field where intellectual property has almost no meaning. Over 8,000 new law suits have been launched in 17 countries outside the United Statesincluding for the first time Poland and Mexico. The report states that in most cases users end up settling off court paying amounts of around 3,000 dollars (2.400€) instead of letting the court case reach a more damaging conclusion.Although the professional digital music community welcomes these actions, it’s still not clear as to how effective they are. There is no consensus on how to fight piracy, file sharing and illegal music use and many think that legal actions have a limited effect while better digital services, better sales offers and a better consumer deal might just be the answer. Only future will tell.

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