Perish The Thought!

September 1, 2006


I don’t want my body to be a distraction from my talent or my brain.
Shania Twain



  1. Hello shaina encatas it wanted conocerte someday to me because feel enchants your song to me man i like to woman and your ma fasinas but I do not have words for expresarte what you enchant to me

  2. Bjr Shania! Je suis un congolais (RDC) passionné de ta bonne musique. Merci parce que tu chante bien Shania. Si tu peux m’envoyer le texte de la chanson FROM THAT MOMENT ON je serai très ravi. Merci Shania. Bye

  3. Yeah right.

    No that’s not a note of sarcasm, it’s the whole damn symphony.

    I loved your voice long before I saw you, but yes, you are easy on the eyes

  4. I just like you cause i want to fuck your tight wet pussy.

  5. Shania:

    I know what you are going through with your marriage.
    I am going through the same thing. Hang in there and things will get better. I can’t believe that he has to look else where when you are right beside him!! You are incredibly beautiful!
    If you are ever in Miami, FL. Please let me know.
    I am 44 yrs old and would love to meet you.
    Single in Miami 🙂

  6. Shania,

    Hey I’m sorry to hear about your marriage. I myself am going thru a divorce with my wife. I’ve always been a big fan of yours and love your music. Someone with such beauty should not have another man looking elsewhere. Your great.


  7. Shania’s not only HOT, but a n incredible artist, too! Her voice is GREAT!
    Shania, are you also a songwriter? If you write those perfect songs yourself, then it’s “the brains, the looks, the moves and the touch”! “That would impress” every single guy on god’s green earth!!

    Then we see that “looking elsewhere” thing shows the dirt of marriage and the dumbness of that guy!

  8. Shania, I am sorry about your personal issues. Many of us have gone thru the same. Most people have in time come through and recover, as I am sure you will as well. Though I do not know you it appears you are a wonderful person “inside” , obviously very smart in business, and not too shabby looking on the outside either. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

  9. hola gringos franceses o no se que madre jajaja XD que onda ¬¬ ay esa shania esta bien buena ^^ jaja salu2.!

  10. You’re my number one female artiste in the world you’re the best i like you so much.

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