FIAT Car Manufacturer and Microsoft Happy With Blue&Me Digital Music Solution

August 23, 2006


It was reported today that Microsoft and Italian car manufacturer FIAT are pleased with the results of the introduction of the Blue&Me system in their European cars. The first results of the strategic partnership between Fiat Auto and Microsoft, Blue&Me had its world première at the Geneva Motor Show in February.

Blue&Me is the new system based on Windows Mobile that makes driving safer and more comfortable, in the process revolutionising standards of in-car communication, information and entertainment”, according to FIAT.

The first fruit of the strategic industrial partnership formed in 2004 between Fiat Auto and Microsoft Business Unit Automotive for the development of innovative telematic systems for the car industry, Blue&Me is available exclusively on the new Fiat models such as the Grande Punto.


Blue&Me, based on Windows Mobile, uses an open, updatable system with modular contents that can be associated with a service offer: with the support of Magneti Marelli, a platform has been developed that is compatible with the vast majority of mobile phones, music players or other personal electronic devices.

In addition, it is safe and simple to use: the voice command system, which is completely integrated with the steering wheel controls and information display, allows customers who own a Bluetooth mobile phone to use the phone even when it is in the pocket of a jacket or in a handbag, without having to take your hands off the wheel. Thanks to the advanced voice recognition system, it immediately displays and reads incoming SMS messages out loud, without the need for a voice learning phase.

Among the various audio functions on offers, users can listen to all their favourite music, whether it is stored on their mobile phone, on a new smart phone, on an MP3-player or on a USB pen-drive: a USB port located in the glove compartment allows users to connect any digital device fitted with an appropriate connection. The collaboration with Microsoft has enabled Blue&Me to be based on an open platform, compatible with the widest possible range of devices, on top of which it can be constantly updated, and can be integrated perfectly with your car, at an affordable price.


In the near future, it will also offer a simple navigation system and access to a set of services such as a personal assistant to look for addresses, weather and traffic information, satellite positioning of the vehicle in the event of it being stolen, an SOS service, and lots of others currently being developed. It is presented as a completely integrated technology, with a one-to-one relationship with the user, just as the name Blue&Me suggests.

Source: FIAT Auto Site

List of compatible digital players


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