Kasabian Pre-Release New Album on MySpace

August 21, 2006


British band Kasabian have pre-released their greatly anticipated new album “Empire” on line for their fans to listen for free. The digital music files can be found at the band’s MySpace page.

“Empire” is the follow up to the critically acclaimed self titled 2004 album that topped the charts around Europe. Controversy has surrounded the recording of Kasabian’s second full release after guitarist Chris Karloff left the band over creative differences and their label (Columbia, owned by Sony-BMG), disapproved the original title for the album “The British Empire”.

The band has been on the cutting edge of technology and is one of the heavy supporters of community sites such as MySpace. The album at their official MySpace page can only be listened to in its entirety and is not split into separate tracks. A live version of the track “Empire” recorded last week in a show at the Brixton Academy in London will be added today to the site. The album is due out August 28.

GoTo: Kasabian’s MySpace

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