Musicbrigade Secures EMI Licensing Deal

August 15, 2006


Musicbrigade has finalized a major licensing agreement with EMI Music, a positive step on the move for their pan-European expansion. The company, based in Stockholm, is the European leader in streaming and downloadable videos and is now expanding its offer to audio formats as well.

Musicbrigade has access to the biggest online music video library in Europe and currently offers over 13,000 videos as a streaming service on a €9.99 per month subscription basis. Users are also able to digitally download music videos on an ‘a la carte’ basis. Musicbrigade is building on the success of its many business-to-business activities throughout Scandinavia and other European territories. The company is currently working with a number of brands such as Fujitsu Siemens, as well as several ISP’s and mobile networks across Europe.

The latest catalogue represents a major grab, and will boost the European ambitions of Musicbrigade considerably. “This deal is a key part of our ambitious agenda to become a major, pan-European player in the European digital music market,” said Simon Gooch, senior vice president of Content and Programming at Musicbrigade.

Look them up: Musicbrigade


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