Coca-Cola Teams Up With Apple

August 8, 2006


After announcing the end of its UK online music store mycokemusic.com powered by OD2, Coca-Cola now announced a new digital music deal. This time the soft drink company will team up with iTunes, offering thousands of downloads on their drink cans and bottles.  While the deal marks another success for iTunes – who leads the digital music market -, Coca-Cola had to officially admit that its attempt to launch its own music store had been a failure. Subscribers to the mycokemusic site who didn’t want to lose their credits were presented with two choices. They could either spend all their remaining credits by July 31, or subscribe to another music site powered by OD2 before August 31.

The company didn’t present a complete list of such sites, but it appears that MSN Music Club; Freeserve Music Club; Tiscali Music Club were among the available ones.  The announcement is not a first when it come to a tie in between iTunes and a soft drink. A similar agreement was in place with Pepsi for over two years, but many glitches and difficulties led to consumer complaints and the deal was eventually dropped. Analysts expect Apple to have corrected the more recurring problems and have learnt from past mistakes.


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