Weekly US album sales hit 10-year low

August 4, 2006

Album sales – including those sold via digital download – amounted to 8.91 million copies for the week ended July 23. That’s the first time Nielsen SoundScan has tallied fewer than 9 million units since 1996, when the week that closed February 4 marked 8.94 million. 

The numbers in The Billboard 200’s top 10 echo this weak week. Were it not for the chart-leading “Now 22,” no title on the list would surpass 70,000 copies. The “Now” compilation registered 207,000 units. The runner-up, Los Lonely Boys‘ sophomore set, “Sacred,” scanned 67,000, the lowest SoundScan total ever for a No. 2 album. 

The previous low for an album in that spot since The Billboard 200 switched to SoundScan data in May 1991 had been 71,000 for Aerosmith’s “Get a Grip” in May 1993 during that album’s fourth chart week. By the 29th sales week of 2005, 50 Cent‘s “The Massacre” had already rung 4.1 million copies, while 17 others had also sold 1 million or more in the calendar year. Besides “Massacre,” three others had sold 2 million-plus copies. 

This year, the soundtrack to “High School Musical” is top dog with 2.8 million. Only one other title — Rascal Flatts‘ “Me and My Gang” — has exceeded 2 million copies in 2006, while 15 others have surpassed 1 million.  

Source: Reuters


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